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Old Crows Nest Software Protfolio Image
Crows Nest Software Protfolio Image

All New Branding!

Sometimes a new website design can be the spark that ignites a company wide rebranding. Just like this one, this new website design was loved by the directors of both the European side and the American side of Crow’s Nest Global Software Ltd and the look of the website all started with a sample logo that our design team put in place while we wait for a high-res format of their existing logo. That sample logo then started a discussion about the company’s current logo and branding. That discussion preceded a full company-wide rebranding, taking the sample logo (with a few tweaks) on as the company’s new branding.

The website, while is packed with all of the normal ClearCell tools and features boasts an in-depth filtering layout and navigation, to make sure it optimises visitor conversions. Alongside a very user-friendly Content Management System (CRM) called WordPress, this website is also responsive, meaning it changes depending on the device it is being displayed on. Oh! and it’s very fast, scary fast. Considering, that load times are a strong factor in a visitor’s experience of a website and also how Google scores a website, a fast website is one of the more important factors when considering a new website.

We also Connected this website to both “Google Search Console” to help that website rank well through Google’s search engine and also “Google Analytics”, allowing the client to monitor the metrics of the website.

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