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Leinster Pellets Ltd. are the largest and longest established Irish wood pellet delivery specialists based in Ireland. Over 90% of what we distribute is grown, harvested and processed in Ireland. We are based in Co Wicklow and are proud to support local jobs and the local economy, with the capacity to provide a nationwide distribution service.

However, none of this information was present on their old website, even the important information like: products price, product information. Stock levels etc was regularly going out of date. “Why? you might ask”, well that’s easy to answer. Their old website was built a few years using a content Management System (CRM) called “Magento” and from a user friendliness point of view, Magento is not the best to use, if a client wants to manage their own website. Magento is a very complicated admin set up and getting anything changed or updated can take a lot of time unless your very use to the framework.

So, when it came started this project, the first division that needed to be taken was which framework would the new website be built with and taking on board our  recommendations the client went for a a very user-friendly Content Management System (CRM) called WordPress. Using this framework we designed and built a brand new website, that is not only responsive, meaning it adapts to whatever screen size it’s being displayed on. It is also built with mobile visitors in mind. This means, pages and products are easy to find and fast to load, the shop section is easy to navigate and gets the visitors where they want to be in the least number of clicks possible, helping with visitor conversion.

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