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Taking Control!

Laois Traveller Action Group is one of the hardest working community-focused organisations we have had the pleasure of working with.

While the organisation did have a website at the time they came to us, they had no way of accessing it, changing any of the images or even adding in a new wording. As happens in so many organisations, the website had been created many years before by someone who was no longer with the organisation. This meant that details about the website were lost over the years.

So, what did we do to help? Well, firstly, we sat down with their team and did a full website review, going over all the areas that the current website was not performing in. We also looked at their branding to address their concerns that their website felt too clinical.  

So, The result of all this was :

  • A new Logo Design to give a more family and community feel.
  • A new website design and content layout incorporated the new elements of their logo, making their new website look a lot more inviting and user-friendly.
  • We produced a digital road map of all their online element eg: where their domain was registered, who manages their email etc. This will make future development easier for them.
  • We also moved their website off their old hosting and onto our new WordPress Content Management System Optimised Website Hosting. This helped speed up their website, making it 60% faster and giving a better user experience overall.

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