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Time for a Change

Many years ago one of our designers had the chance to build JF Sports first ever e-commerce website. So we were delighted when Jason came to us several years later for a website re-vamp.

We took his old framework and simply cleared out all the clutter that normally builds up over time on any e-commerce website. As the old framework was fine and didn’t need changing,  we decided to focus on the website’s appearance, and what type of user experience it was giving to it visitors.

We gave the website a new bold dramatic style with a clear and easy to follow navigation. We moved around some of the shopping elements making the shopping process easier and faster. Along with adding in new robust stock control functionality, we also created the Club Shop feature.

The great thing about this project is that it is growing every year. Jason sees the value in keeping his website evolving and is dedicated to adding new features to make his website better and better. So stay tuned for the new “Kit Builder” coming to the Club shop.

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